Amazing Car Insurance...

If you are lucky enough to drive an amazing car or cars, then make sure you are covered by an amazing insurance policy. High Net Worth Motor Insurance policies are like nothing else in the industry...

  • agreed value payment in the event of a total loss
  • you can choose to take your car to your own garage    
  • you will get a courtesy car that is a similar spec to the one being repaired
  • courtesy cars are also offered if your car has been stolen
  • some policies allow you to drive any other car on a comprehensive basis
  • you won't be penalised if you have a 'no blame' claim such as theft
  • you could have unlimited cover for replacement locks
  • European Breakdown cover  
  • the ability to drive in Europe anytime
  • all your vehicles on one policy, with one renewal date
  • and above all an amazing claims service


"all lasting business is built on friendship"

Alfred A. Montapert

For example...


A High Net worth Motor Policyholder had waited well over a year for the delivery of his new dream car - an £85,000 Aston Martin Vantage. A day later it was a total write off!

The High Net Worth Insurance policy immediately provided him with an Aston Martin as a courtesy car. To settle the claim the policyholder requested a replacement Vantage rather than the agreed value of £85,000. The insurer worked with a prestige motor supplier to find a car with exactly the same spec. It was anticipated that this may take up to a year. Happily the well placed contact managed to find an exact replacement within 14 days.

With a standard insurance policy the policyholder would have been forced to settle for the Glass's Guide trade price - nearly £15,000 less than he paid...